#MYSHOPLIFE2018 Instagram Challenge & 15% off SALE!

#MYSHOPLIFE2018 Instagram Challenge & 15% off SALE!

If you're an Instagram follower, you'll probably have noticed that this month I've been taking part in the #MYSHOPLIFE2018 challenge. The idea comes from the wonderful Pencil Me In Shop in Elgin and encourages shopkeepers around the UK to share a daily photo on a given theme.    

In the past, I've found this kind of daily challenge, well, too much of a challenge to keep up with, but this has been such a fun and valuable project to take part in for lots of reasons. Being able to discover and connect with so many independent retailers around the country has been brilliant.  Reading everyone's daily posts about the things they're passionate about and just how much work goes into running a shop has been comforting, inspiring and at times actually quite life affirming!

As a little thank you to everyone who's taken the time to read and follow my #MYSHOPLIFE2018 posts, I'm offering 15% off all online purchases this weekend (until midnight on Monday 30th).  Just enter the code: MYSHOPLIFE at checkout and your 15% will be magically deducted.  The challenge still has a few days to go, so be sure to tune in!  

Thanks again and have a great weekend.

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