Still As Your Sleeping Album Artwork

Still As Your Sleeping Album Artwork

I'm so happy to share details of a special art commission which I've been working on recently.

Still As Your Sleeping is a new record by the wonderful Karine Polwart and David Milligan, and I was lucky enough to be asked to create the artwork to support the CD and album (proper vinyl!!!).  The album contains beautifully put together words and music by Karine and David.  Just voice and piano.  It's absolutely stunning.

The artwork was inspired by the songs which are packed with powerful imagery of rocks, time, the sea, love and loss (and worlds more besides).  I've long been fascinated by the visual patterns and shapes to be found in geology, and as it happens, my very first foray into printmaking about a decade ago was inspired by the geology of Scotland, including David Hutton's work, which is a feature of this album!  Time is a funny thing. 


This is the CD and vinyl cover and the artwork extends within the CD pack, booklet and vinyl package. 

Creating album artwork has always been a dream of mine, and this project was extra special as it meant working with Karine and David, who both live here in the village and are lovely folk. 
The album is released in the Autumn and is now available to pre-order here.
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