all the small things <online> exhibition

Updated: 25th September 2020

Due to the latest set of Covid restrictions, we have decided to move our group exhibition online.  It's such a shame that we won't be able to host this in person, but we all felt that it just wasn't the right thing to do at this time.

The (30+) artworks which I created for the show are now listed online in a special Gallery page here on my my website. Over the course of this weekend, I’ll be sharing images, process details, videos and backstories on social media. 

Talking of backstories, here's the one for #allthesmallthings...

#allthesmallthings is an exhibition featuring the work of four visual artists: Jenni Douglas, Cassandra Harrison, Fi Bailey and Hannah Bailey - each sharing their interpretation of the theme.

Paintings and mixed media artworks in progress - Jenni Douglas

Hopes by Jenni Douglas

When I first spoke to Cassandra about her idea for the #allthesmallthings exhibition a couple of months ago, I realised that I already had the beginnings of lots of new pieces of work I'd started during lockdown; paintings, block prints, drawings, printed jewellery, paper collages and other bits and pieces, mostly inspired by my daily wanderings around the Midlothian countryside. 

I hadn't thought about these beginnings being a collection of anything, but after speaking to Cassandra I realised that they were all linked - by the need to focus on small manageable projects every day.  It was my way of coping - an escape from the news and from worrying about friends and family, an opportunity to stay creative when it felt like my career had disappeared overnight, and a chance to maintain a sense of identity and role (something which can sometimes feel paper thin when you're self-employed, in my experience). 

Open edition prints

As well as my Gallery page, you can keep up to date with each of our online offerings by following the hashtags #allthesmallthings and #allthesmallthingsblocgallery on Instagram and Facebook.