Choosing to work with a mentor can be a great way to help your creative practice; to enable you to navigate any challenges and plan a creative pathway to achieve your goals. 

Who is Mentoring for?

In short, a wide range of people!

  • Anyone working within the Creative Industries who feel that they’ve lost their way with their creative practice and are looking for support to help get back on track

  • Those who are just starting to develop their own personal practice and feel they want to begin to develop creative ideas and directions

  • Individuals looking for help with executing a specific creative project

  • Anyone starting a business within the Creative Industries, or looking to grow an existing business

  • Recent graduates looking to develop a creative career

 The Role of a Mentor

Mentoring is a way to connect with and talk to someone about your practice. A mentor can act as a point of contact and a guiding voice to help motivate, guide and inspire.

The mentor is a source of knowledge, offering guidance and support, examining areas of your practice, highlighting any strengths or identifying any aspects which should be addressed to develop your creative growth. 

The range of situations and circumstances in which mentoring can be of help is wide and varied, for example:-

  • Feeling as though you’ve lost your way with your creative practice

  • Looking for support to get you back on track and help you to identify new projects, directions or approaches

  • Looking for support in preparing for an exhibition or event

  • Looking for help to seek out relevant funding opportunities

  • Advice and support on how to best use social media

  • Help in developing your website

  • Learning new ways to help promote your business 

  • Discussing issues relating to working to commission

  • Help with pricing your work, including wholesale pricing 

  • Help with accessing contacts, networks and relevant associations

About me

A professional artist, designer and educator from Edinburgh with over 10 years’ experience in a wide range of settings within the creative arts.  My areas of practice include printmaking, illustration, textile design, graphic design and product development. As an educator, one of my main interests is in exploring how time spent in creative practice can benefit many different aspects of our mental and physical wellbeing.

I’m a member of the Association of Illustrators, the Scottish Artists Union, Creative Edinburgh and Craft Scotland.

The mentoring sessions I offer are one-to-one with me, and can take place in person or online, depending on your location and preference.  Your sessions will give you the space and time to engage in a focused discussion about your practice, in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Mentoring Session Options

Option 1) Single one-to-one mentoring session lasting 1.5 hours

Option 2) A series of 3-4 mentoring sessions lasting a total of 6 hours, to be held over a 2-4 month period.

At the end of the session/s, you will be given a written summary of the discussion and suggested next steps.  You will also have the option of booking further sessions if/when you’d like to.

How to book

Drop me an e-mail at and I’ll get in touch to arrange your session.  Please include a brief summary of your current situation and mention any specific areas you’d like help with.